Website Artwork

Images on a website speak to your visitor much more than your words, they are the first thing that grab a customer after the design of the store. Product or service pictures need to be clear and crisp, not blown up or pixelated, if you’re unable to take good quality pictures of what you offer, there are a few options open to you:

  • Talk to suppliers, if you are selling their product, they should be able to supply you with good quality artwork.
  • Employ someone to do the photography for you, if you do have your own pictures taken make sure you keep the master images on backup, those you re-size for the web put on a watermark for your own copyright protection. (We can do this for you).
  • When service or general company images are unavailable, use a site like istockphoto, it costs very little to purchase high quality royalty free artwork.
  • Talk to friends and pick out what grabs the majority first, especially when choosing images for home pages etc.

We can take care of all areas of artwork, from taking the picture to removing the background and adding it online.


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