Brochure Websites

The term brochure website can cover most company websites, they range from just a few pages to as many as your business needs, however the platform must be considered carefully before commencing on a design, using a simple and editable template is fine if you are simply advertising your company over a few pages, but if you want to continually expand your site, working on it using this method of build could and would be very time consuming.

A simple 3 to 5 page site that is static in that it is purely for information only and rarely changes is fine constructed using a simple template; this site for example is just that.

If you want a site that you alter and add to at will, one that automatically generates page names, links and adds new pages to the navigation without manual intervention then you are better to opt for an online solution, or better still something like Wordpress.

Online brochure sites are great, they offer flexibility and have many features built in that would otherwise take up more time than necessary, however great care must be taken as to what solution you choose, if you want to move hosts etc often you will loose all your content and will need to start over.

Wordpress offers the best of both worlds, it may cost you a little more initially with hosting but over time will even itself out. Re-designs can be completed in just a few steps if you opt for a pre-built skin, the whole system can be customised so you run it as a blog or simply as a website.

Whatever site you need we can advise on what platform you would be best using and help get it up and running.


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