Content & Copyrighting

Content remains king, and for more reasons than you think. Visitors to your site are either browsing for a product or looking for a service, by providing good quality content your visitor is provided with as much relevant information as they need and your endorsing your product along with yourself as a brand.

The knock-on effect of well written informative content is that provided it’s original, your site will gain authority search engines will recognise it as informative and rank your site accordingly, your customers will likely share your site with friends and socially your site climbs the ladder.

There are a huge number of variants that go into website ranking and it’s position in search results, however good content will always be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Writing content is not just about describing your product or service, it needs to also contain keywords that are relevant but without stuffing the text full, there is a very fine line between well written content and a page full of spam (not the meat!).

Content can be distributed via a selection of channels, used on your own website, distributed through blogs or on social media the choice is yours, just remember that all content should be unique wherever you distribute it, never use one article and spread it across all networks.


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