Get Social with Your Business

Social media is all around us, and growing. The problem for most businesses is where to start on the social ladder, for us there are 3 the hugely successful facebook then on the same track Google + and finally to be in real time twitter, but there are others so do you need them?

It’s a difficult task and can be so daunting that many just don’t bother with it, but being social doesn’t mean you have to be chained to the pc dreaming up new things to say, all you need to be is engaging, keep people interested by keeping them up to date.

Regardless of the size of your business, social media doesn’t only help the large, you can be just as successful with only a handful of followers provided it’s all fresh and they play there part in sharing your posts, once people follow you they get an instant notification as soon as you post.

Be catchy, and find a little humour or fun with what you post, attract people so they stay, it’s no good getting 1000 likes on a single post and none on any other. Whatever you want from social just make sure you can afford the time each week to keep it fresh, stale social = stale business in the eyes of the outside, so if you cant keep on top of posts, don’t start at all.

If you do want to get into it we can help get it all set up and streamlined into your website and inter-connect all the social elements, so that for example you post a tweet and before you know it it’s all live on facebook too, this is a simple process and can save you time.


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