Link Building

Links are what drive the web, there are good, bad and really bad. Authority of a website is partly measured by a link structure, this is where one website links through to another. Below is a list of links to sites and resources that we have found useful, please note that these are external links and we are not responsible for content found on any of the sites listed below.

Good sites to start link building. Good “back-links” are important for your website, the reason they are important is that they provide a link from one site to yours rather like a recommendation, whilst links are important always remember to ensure you gather important relative links, simply obtaining hundreds from all over the web is not the best way, get your links slowly and select sites that fit with your own. Directory listings are not as successful as they once were due to abuse, however below is a few worth considering:

  • possibly the most important free directory you can get in to, but select your category carefully and be prepared to wait, entries in this site can take months or years to appear, dmoz is maintained by people and they will only list you if they feel your site has something to offer, this is why it is still a valuable link for seo.

  • this is not a free listing, but worth a submission if you have the budget, again this is not guaranteed so make sure your site is complete before you submit, your fee is non-refundable so be warned!

  • again a fee is required, you can pay a yearly fee or a one-off, I would go for the one-off, it’s more expensive but once listed you stay there, as with the best of the web its a non-refundable payment whether you get listed or not.

The next step is to look at similar sites to your own and check what links they have pointing to them, the easiest way to do this for obtaining relevant links that a search engine will take into consideration is to install the Google toolbar, with this you can check with a click what links competitors have, if you don’t want the toolbar, then go to the Google home page and type in the search-box link: the results will show you where they have links pointing to them, then simply contact each site and either submit to them if they offer that option, or email them politely asking for inclusion, only email them once and walk away.

Try to avoid where possible returning links, this way is old school now and often holds no weight if the site that links to you has a link back from you. Don’t listen to anyone who contacts you out of the blue offering massive link building fast, if they did manage it, many links would be in irrelevant or even blacklisted directories, this type of link building can do you more harm than good and end up un-doing your own hard work.

Running a blog, this can help you build natural links without having to go out and get them, however although I run a blog (well a couple or three!) on my own site I find it very difficult to keep regular posts, so unless you can keep up to date with a couple of posts per week, leave it until you have more to talk about, posting on your business site for me should just stick to business, so keep your personal life out of it, on the flip side you could opt for a personal blog, on a new different domain name, keep it active with diary posts, then you may be able to point back now and again to your main site when relevant.

Use a plug-in on your site that allows users to share your content a good one is a small piece of script will display share buttons on your site, addthis do the rest, this is a good free way to generate links and social awareness, if you register with them you can also track how and what pages are being shared. Build links slowly, too many at one time rings alarm bells to the search engines, 2 or 3 a month is a good number to start with, remember customers often post on forums etc so will do some link building for you.


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