Website Re-Designs

Is your website a little dated, tired and in need of some TLC? Don’t worry we can help you get back on track with a clean new design right up to date.

The problem with an older site other than you being tired of looking at it is that the modern browsers may not display it properly either. Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are all moving and developing so fast that old sites soon get left behind. When HTML gave birth to websites no-one knew it would also need to evolve, now HTML5 is on us and it just keeps going, an ever evolving language.

A new website could see you gain some ground in your position on the search results as well as gain new ground with buyers and clients, many people surf on the go now with phones and tablets, so sites need to cater more and more for the mobile internet, especially now we are into 4G networks that operate so much faster.

Re-designing a website can be a disaster if the process is not planned properly, before we start on the build we take a detailed look at you current sites structure, including page names, navigation and content. Where possible we re-use content and refresh it by adding new or re-wording for better keyword density, this helps with search results when surfers type in a term that is relevant to your site and services. Page names are either kept the same on the new site or properly redirected via an access file and permanent redirect within your site, this will then tell the search engines like Google that the old page has gone and been replaced by a new one, it also means that people who have visited your site before and bookmarked a particular page will be forwarded seamlessly and without knowing to the new page.

All our work is carefully calculated so that the whole transition from old to new is as straightforward as possible, navigation is kept in a similar position, again so that your old customers are not confused by where they need to go, all they see is a bright new site that they want to investigate further.


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