Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines are a funny thing, the problem is that they are always trying to deliver the best possible sites for the surfers search term, depending on how the term was typed in, so search engines have had to learn the meanings of different words to try and deliver quality content that best matches what the visitor wanted to see.

There are simple 1000’s of factors in SEO, it’s about finding the right balance between search term, on-site content and website ranking. In order to try and boost a site in natural search results we first need to look at the site itself to see if the main structure is ok, SEO is a mix of on-site content work and off-site linking and if necessary depending on your subject some social activity such as blogging of networking.

Our skills are in on-site structure, design and content. Outside of the website and content writing we use a single trusted digital marketing agency. Building trust for a website is all SEO is in a nutshell, the site must be authoritive and needs to offer good content once they are in place ranking will climb.

Local business can hold it’s own in rankings simply down to a search term, someone wanting an extension in Bedfordshire would go looking for a builder in Wales, so in that the search engines would list builders local to your area, if you’re the builder and its your site, you should be there, if your not it wouldn’t take much to re-position you in search results.

If your site has suffered a fall and is getting less traffic, give us a call and we can take a look, once were done we’ll give you a report on areas that need addressing.


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